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It’s a lonely world at the top. The rarefied air of the CEO, COO, CIO and MD.

They’d like to have someone to talk to, but their board may not be the best place to bounce ideas off and the exco may be the place where leadership must be shown.

What kind of leader is required in today’s world? One that treads the path of Jim Collins Good to Great and avoids that of Sydney Finkelstein “Why Smart Executives Fail”?

Who does a leader talk to when they want to spit ball? Who are they able to argue with and debate around the bits of strategy that may, or may not be the critical path to success? Where do you find the person that asks those piercing questions?

Coffee Conversations provides that space. It’s a one-on-one environment. There is no pressure. And yes, it is done over a cup of coffee, or a cappuccino. Not at the office. Somewhere pleasant.

What’s your takeout?

  • Insightful questions
  • Unflinching honesty
  • No vested interest
  • No fence sitting
  • You have the answers

Your coffee partner:

Gavin Moffat is an accidental specialist in the field of communication, public relations and asking the right questions, which he has been “practicing” for the past 20-odd years.

His Coffee Conversations have been the birth place of new businesses and the death knell of others. His conversations have been demanded by busy CEO’s who can’t find the time for staff members, but who see the value in spending an hour conversing with Gavin. There is never an agenda, but always an outcome. There is never a timesheet, but always value.

His knowledge spans a wide range of topics including company strategy, marketing and communication, social media strategy and implementation, business change, integrity and brand authenticity and his broad insights vary right down to how technical diving parallels the world of business.

He has been fondly referred to as a pot-hole spotter, titles himself as director of common sense and has enjoyed his “Coffee Conversations” that allow CEOs and MDs to get honest and forthright feedback and conversation.

Gavin is a TEDxJohannesburg alumni, FutureWorld Guru, PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor,  a  lapsed  microlight  pilot,  trimix  technical  diver  and  Emergency  First Response  Instructor.  He    contributes  to  various  publications  on  a  regular  basis including the monthly MyOffice, and The Catalyst. He dabbles in music  through  the  project,  recently  releasing  his  second  commercial  piece,  embryo  e.p.  #2.  He  is  always  open  to  a  new  adventure  and appreciates awesomness at every opportunity.

join.the.dots +27 11 568 0709